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The Start of My Summer Course: Experimental Psychology

            Yesterday was the first day of my Experimental Psychology class (summer session). I had previously signed up for this 4 credit course one fall semester, but I had a terrible professor who had no clarity. I lasted for a little bit less than half the semester that time around. I knew I had to drop the course for my mental health and the sake of my GPA. 

            I knew that this course would be difficult, but I was glad that for this summer class I would have a different professor. Luckily she gives extremely clear directions, which is exactly what I need. the thing that sucks is that this class is four days a week, lasts 4 hours and 15 minutes, we have to stay the whole length of the class (besides an 8-ish minute mid-break) AND the class is only 5 weeks but still includes everything that a normal fall or spring semester would contain. That was quite a run-on sentence lol.

The first 10 minutes of class, the professor was talking about how it will be our hardest course and that we will hate it. Oh joy. At least I have some idea of what to expect, having already experienced some of the course before.

            The professor seems to have a really cool personality and is not boring. Some interesting things about the professor (just learned from day one): She is Australian, taught the class barefoot, and said that she had a student complete this course from Guantanamo Bay (some contact via Skype). She said that she is a pilot and will give an A to anyone who buys her some specific luxury jet (fully fueled/ready to go), and the starting price for the jet she wants is 55 million dollars. She speaks several languages including, German and Welch, worked at a prison in Canada (mostly evaluating pedophiles for trails, etc…). Her sense of humor seems cool and bizarre. She said that if somebody’s cell phone goes off during class, she will make them sing a Justin Bieber or Nikki Minaj song of her choice. And if someone cheats during a test, she said she will throw the book at them.

            Just from the first day of this class, I am glad that the professor is extremely helpful, but the work load is going to be very intense for me. I’ll hope for the best.

This adorable old man heard me sneeze at the diner. He walked by me and said “who sneezed”? I said “i did”. He said “Well you got two more. After that you’re on your own”. Lol old man humor

My Critique of the 2014 Grammy Awards

Beyoncé and Jay Z opened the show and it was terrible and very raunchy. I don’t like the song either.

John Legend sang and played piano and it was AMAZING.

I am NOT a Taylor Swift fan and I am shocked to say that her performance was actually not too painful to hear. She did a piano song instead of her usual guitar. It was bearable.

 I really like Katy Perry. Her set was so cool but the song didn’t really showcase her voice. I’m just glad she wasn’t singing “Unconditionally”.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis did their song “Same Love” (love them) and Queen Latifiah actually married a bunch a couples officially… but then Madonna started singing and ruined the song for me.

Imagine Dragons played Radioactive and collaborated with the rapper Kendrick Lamar. It was actually a very cool collaboration even though i’m sure would not like the rapper by himself.

Robin Thicke performed with Chicago and it was really good and well suited for him.

The country music stuff bores me and it’s not a style I like.

That is all.


James Blunt- You’re Beautiful


So I was looking at all of my playbills and the numerous Phantom of the Opera programs that I have. I just realized (officially) that I ONCE HAD BREAKFAST WITH KYLE BARISICH, WHO PLAYED RAOUL IN THE NYC PRODUCTION!!! 

In 2006, my mom made friends with the concierge gay guy Jonathan when we stayed at the LOWES Hotel in Philly. He hooked us up with sold out tickets to see Phantom on their national tour! During this particular production, there was actually a chandelier malfunction (no lie lol) and something was wrong with the cable and some of the crystals were falling onto the stage. They had to stop the show to fix it and it could have come down on the audience (how ironic). Luckily they got things running again and the show continued.

Jonathan arranged for us to meet and have breakfast with a cast member, Kyle Barisich, who was just a member of the ensemble at the time. I remember telling him that I wanted to play Meg Giry one day in a Phantom production. (But that dream won’t happen and my sister would be a better candidate anyway with the ballet). He told us how he auditioned and that even being in the ensemble is very demanding work.

It is so inspiring to see how he has worked his way up the pyramid and that hard work can indeed pay off.

For about the last 4 years I think, I have gone each November to see Phantom in NYC with my sister. I had a hunch that Kyle’s name was familiar when I saw he was playing Raoul in the program!